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Staying Safe This Summer! Every year, travelers suffer from being bit and tormented by bed bugs when they stay in a hotel, motel, or Airbnb. I read an article yesterday where a woman sued and won against Disneyland. "According to the lawsuit, she suffered emotional stress and anxiety f...

The Benefits of Bed Bug Spray vs Powder

Finding out that you have a bed bug problem is bad enough, but then you have to decide which bed bug treatment you want to use to deal with it.   Google "natural bed bug treatment," you'll likely be greeted with hundreds of thousands of results from different bed bug eradication compan...

The One Way To Prevent Bed Bugs You Can Completely Control

La única forma de prevenir las chinches que puede controlar por completo Alana Korol 20 de julio de 2018 En una publicación reciente, te contamos todo acerca de las formas más comunes en que viajan las chinches. Por lo general,...

13 Things That Attract Bed Bugs (That You Can't Do Anything About)

Alana Korol August 21, 2017       Despite the negativity we often aim at bed bugs (we hate them and want them all to die), we think of ourselves as fairly positive here at the Bed Bug Store. We love giving advice on how to get rid of ...