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We've helped thousands of people get rid of bed bugs, and we can help you do the same safely & naturally. was founded with the mission of helping people successfully win their battle against those pesky hard-to-kill bed bugs. We continually improve our treatment systems with the latest techniques and resources to aid you in your fight against bed bugs. Our mission is to provide you, the customer, with all the cutting-edge information and solutions that are proven and guaranteed to work.

Bed Bug Patrol products have been used in numerous top-rated international hotel chains, and thanks to the effectiveness of our Bed Bug Treatment Solutions, we have become one of the largest bed bug supply stores in the country.

Bill Carlson has been creating natural formulas for numerous products since 2003. He has seen and heard horror stories of bed bugs in his travels worldwide. Discovering that most products contained unsafe chemicals, Bill became determined to find what natural products were on the market to kill these blood-sucking pests. If there were none, he'd develop one.

After not finding any effective natural alternatives, he began researching and developing a product that would be natural AND effective at killing bed bugs. Thus Bed Bug Patrol® was born, making it the first all-natural, ready-to-use bed bug-killing spray on the market just before the big bed bug epidemic hit. That was over 20 years ago.

"Over 20 years ago, I started hearing rumblings that bed bugs were becoming a big problem again. The only way to get rid of them was with chemicals containing carcinogenic ingredients. In 2003, I decided to come up with a formula using only 100% EPA exempt natural ingredients. After a year of laboratory testing and reformulating, I developed Bed Bug Patrol, a natural alternative to traditional pesticides that proved in extensive laboratory testing to work."

"Humans and animals aren't affected by the active ingredients at these concentrations, but bed bugs are."

"Traveling is the number one way to bring bed bugs home with you, and more and more people are getting bitten in hotels, planes, cruise ships, or just about anywhere these days. From 5-star hotels, resorts, and cruise ships, to your local motel, bed bugs can easily invade your luggage and belongings while traveling. We not only sell larger sizes for the home, but we have also sold a 3 oz. Travel size for several years as well. The Travel size can be packed in a suitcase, briefcase or purse and can be taken everywhere you go."-Bill Carlson.


Meet the Developer of Bed Bug Patrol - CEO & Founder of Nature’s Innovations, Inc. - Bill Carlson

I was raised in a well-traveled natural nutrition and health-focused family in rural Virginia. I have always been interested in natural health, science, biology, and environmental sustainability. Even as a teenager, my brother and I would be in the high school science lab or our home-built laboratory making concoctions of various sorts. As my professional career progressed in another scientific field (computers), I still found myself drawn to research and the science of naturally solving problems.

As I spent time in places such as Turkey, France, China, Japan, and South and Central America, I noticed a trend in each country I visited, natural and herbal pesticides were the norm, not the exception. From what I had seen and learned from my travels, I was prompted to begin to deeply study the possibilities of using herbal plant extracts in pest control.

Beginning research in 2002, I launched Bed Bug Patrol™ in April 2003. This Bed Bug Patrol brand was developed to provide a natural pest control solution for the bed bug market. My goal was based on five basic principles:

    • No testing on animals.
    • All formulas are small-batched and hand-crafted.
    • Use organic botanicals whenever possible from the world's most reputable farms and suppliers.
    • Support worthwhile humanitarian efforts.
    • Develop formulas that just plain work!



    Each Bed Bug Patrol™ product has been researched meticulously, adhering to the EPA's 25b guidelines and herbalist conventions laid out by the gold standard American Institute of Homeopathy's Committee On Pharmacopeia, The Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of The United States published in 1897. Essential oils are the most widely and longest-used form of pest control.

    I regularly attend and speak at herbalist, homeopathic, natural, and organic product conferences around the globe, including Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Asia. This not only allows me to present our industry findings but also allows me to meet with each botanical farm we get our ingredients. At home, I continue to study with groups such as The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy to further my knowledge and skills as a certified homeopathic and natural practitioner and products expert.

    Due to the success of our products, we have been able, as a company, to continue supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide, including in Haiti, Indonesia, and Africa. We donate our time, products, and funds to these efforts around the globe. Most recently, we partnered with Women for Women International® to provide women survivors of war, civil strife, and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. We are honored to contribute and work with this fantastic organization.

    Please join me in experiencing our natural products developed to kill bed bugs naturally; you'll be helping others worldwide.

    Bill Carlson

    CEO & Founder

    Nature's Innovation, Inc

    Developer of Bed Bug Patrol