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Bed Bug UV Detection Light
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Bed Bug Killer Traps by Bed Bug Patrol - 8 Pack
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Over 20 years of natural bed bug annihilation with thousands of real, true-to-life reviews!


Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer is the #1 Natural Treatment choice among those that tried other solutions & failed.


Backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer will eliminate the infestation or we refund your money.


Our all-natural bed bug spray is proudly made in the United States of America with only the highest quality ingredients.


Fight Nature with Nature

Made from natural clove and peppermint oils, Bed Bug Patrol kills bed bugs on contact, preventing them from creeping into your clothes and traveling back with you to infest your home.

Travel-Friendly, Not Bed Bug-Friendly

Our convenient and easy-to-pack 3oz bottle is TSA approved and safe to carry onboard a plane and/or store in larger luggage to ensure a bug-free vacation.


Equip Yourself With Knowledge

Learn More About Bed Bugs With Our Leading Expert

"Gave me peace of mind! I didn't see any bedbugs on the hotel mattress, but didn't want to take a chance! This stuff doesn't smell bad and the smell goes away fast anyway. Made me feel better knowing we were protected!"

- Amy

"I started using this when I went overseas to third world countries a few years back. I spray the interior of my suitcase."

- Nejuno

"Perfect. The little visitors are GONE for good."

- Julio

"Scent is a little strong! It does fade but I recommend you use it at least a few hours before you sleep on it. That is what I did on my recent trip and it worked well."

- Margaret

"Took this on my first cruise and first Alaska vacation. Great item, quick shipping, mint condition. Works fine. Thank you I don't know if there were bed bugs on the ship but I took no chances."

- P.A. Hughes

"I travel a lot and I do not bring the bugs with me to my home. I like the size and the product is natural."

- Pam

"Arrived on time, took a flight from Dallas to Chicago, did not have problem with TSA."

- Prathibha

"Used it during travel and also plan on keeping one in my car. Scent is good, a bit strong but not overwhelming. Best part is you can use this on anything-luggage, furniture, car, mattress and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals."

- Janette

"This is essential for any traveler staying in hotels, Air BnB, or even at family home. It's effective, and the scent is tolerable and not overwhelming. I never travel without it."

- Keyshia

"It works to get rid of bed bugs."

- Maximo

"I guess it worked. I took it with me on my travels. I didn't come home with any bed bugs."

- Tai

"I am allergic to bed bugs and didn’t know this kind of stuff in a travel form. I haven’t needed it yet, but is a good preventative measure. It’s easy to store and doesn’t have a strong smell."

- Amanda

"I used this product for luggage while traveling. I haven't had a problem with bed bugs, but don't know if it's because of the product or because there were no bed bug problems. The scent isn't offensive and goes away pretty quickly, although I'd prefer no scent. But overall, I like the product."

- JR

"After trying many products to try to combat the bed bug problem, I was unsuccessful in thinking I did something wrong that the bed bugs didn't go away. So when I brought this product, I was a bit skeptical. I was instructed by one of their helpful and friendly BuyNaturally employees in how to use the product. I followed their instructions and allowed the spray to dry upon applying it. Didn't notice any more bed bugs the day I used it, and ever since. I highly recommend this product with confidence! Thank you."

- Kevin

"I thankfully haven't had bed bugs since buying this. I stay in hotels around 320 days a year. Even when they are 4+5 star hotels bed bugs are around. The first thing I do is inspect everything before unpacking then I use my spray. The scent is non-offensive and doesn't linger. I recommend this product."

- Verified Amazon Customer

"It works.😁 It's compact. "Large things sometimes comes in small packages"

- Jerry

"Awesome product. Smells great too. No sign of bed bugs or any pests."

- MJ

"Portable and easy to use!"

- Chris