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Alana Korol Dec 7, 2023 You have a suspicion. An inkling. A heavy burden of foreboding that you just can’t shake. You worry that you might have bed bugs in your house, and you just can’t get a moment’s rest until you know the truth. If this describes your current situa...

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Vacation

Alana Korol October 24, 2022   They creep, crawl, and might be in your hotel room. And even worse? They could be coming home with you. Oh, the Horror!!!!Bed bug infestations can occur anytime, but experts say it’s wise to be extra wary of the critte...

6 Things That Attract Bed Bugs

Alana Korol September 12, 2022 Despite the negativity we often project toward bug bugs (we hate them and want them all to die!), we like to think of ourselves as fairly positive here at the Bed Bug Store. We love giving advice on how to get rid of them and are sure you ca...

4 Tips for Bed Bug Prevention in Hotel Rooms

  Alana Korol July 20, 2022     Bed bugs are everywhere and are among the most stubborn pests to deal with. Hotel pest control has its own unique challenges because there are numerous potential hiding spots and areas for bed bugs to explore. These...